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Dramatic Photos of What Can Happen When Rugs Suffer From a Water Damage and Go Undetected – Prescott AZ

Dramatic Photos of What Can Happen When Rugs Suffer From a Water Damage and Go Undetected – Prescott AZ

Oh Boy! Here is a lovely machine made rug made in Germany that suffered from a water damage while lying on the floor of a client’s home. I’m Ruthie at Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care and you might be thinking to ask, HOW did this happen?

Months earlier, the roof leaked at this client’s home. The rain waters came through the roof and soaked the home and somehow either someone didn’t catch that this rug had also gotten wet or perhaps they decided the rug would dry A-Okay in place. The damage you see in these photos happened under the furniture along the wall. It obviously remained wet for an extended period of time, hence the mold and dry rot occurred. This rug is a fairly large area rug that covered most of a small room. There was a lot of furniture (couch, desk, TV, etc.) that covered a large portion of this rug. Moving all this furniture to remove the rug was a hassle, but if someone had done this at the time of the leaking roof, this rug could have been dried properly and without damage.  I’ve written before about the damage that can happen when a rug is wet to long such as dyes bleeding, musty odors, mold growth followed by dry rot in severe cases.

Unfortunately we only discovered this damage at the time we were called in to remove the rug and take back to our rug washing plant for a cleaning.

The homeowner has contacted their insurance and now we are in the process of obtaining an appraisal for replacement value as well as possible repairs.

Save yourself the disappointment of such an incident happening to you and your area rug. If ever your home suffers a water damage loss, don’t overlook your area rugs and the proper care they will need.  Rugs are very precious in both sentimental and monetary value. Our service works closely with firms that provide water damage restoration. It’s sad to think that this damage was avoidable, yet do to improper procedures the rug suffered severe consequences.   

Till next time, enjoy your beautiful art for your floor and remember a clean rug is a rug that can last you a lifetime!

Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care serves Prescott, Prescott Valley and Sedona, and much of the Northern Arizona areas. We meet the highest standards in professional cleaning of area rugs with rug wash specialists having earned the highest training, including certification as WOOLSAFE FIBRE CARE SPECIALISTS through the WOOLSAFE ORGANISATION. Such extraordinary certification ensures the area rugs of our client’s receive the utmost in care.

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